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Fiserv & Central Payments Deliver Modern Issuing Capabilities to Fintechs and Financial Institutions

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Fiserv, Inc., a leading global provider of payment and financial services technology solutions, and Central Payments L.L.C., a banking as a service (BaaS) provider, enabling fintechs, businesses Businesses and payment facilitators bring financial products and services to market with greater speed and growth potential.

The combination of the Fiserv technology stack, including real-time core, card processing and issuance, with Central Payments’ award-winning Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace®, including program management and compliance, enabling fintech and almost any other business to create valuable products and services that more comprehensively meet the growing expectations of consumers and small businesses. For those with an established card program, this provides more comprehensive and regulated access to basic banking and payment services.

As fintech services grow stronger, so does the need for consumers to access their money through digital experiences outside of traditional banking channels. In many cases, this means allowing unlicensed fintechs and other businesses to provide financial services, such as debit cards, secured credit, stored value cards. , unsecured credit, etc. Fiserv and Central Payments bring together a BaaS platform, products and services, and access to a network of funding banks to support a wide range of innovative retail and business use cases.

“As fintech and financial institutions work together to create compelling financial offerings, speed to market, a robust and flexible tech stack and streamlined operations are essential,” “Together, Fiserv and Central Payments can deliver these requirements without compromising compliance and risk controls needed to safeguard all parties.” Sunil Sachdev, head of Fintech and Growth at Fiserv.

Fiserv and Central Payments provide everything a fintech or other business needs to connect with a funding bank, launch and manage unique payment products and services. Customers of Fiserv financial institutions pursuing fintech partnerships can also engage with Fiserv and Central Payments for assistance in administering the go-to-market program.

“This combination of technology, services, program management and bank partners will help any business become a fintech without the need to add the staff or expertise to manage the program in-house,” “Those that may want to manage their program in-house eventually can also use our services as a lower risk model to get to market quickly with a proof-of-concept.” Eric Cotton, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Central Payments.


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