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Podcast: The Evolving Reality of Banking-as-a-Service and Embedded Finance

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

HIFI Agency - January 4, 2023

On This Episode

Trent Sorbe, CEO of Central Payments and co-founder of Falls Fintech, joined the podcast to share his experience working with small businesses and fintechs to build future financial relationships.

Central Payments was founded by a community bank, but through Trent’s work has grown into a larger Banking-as-a-Service company. He says, “We’re leveraging those fintech relationships, not just to support what they want to do in the market, but effectively reselling them through the marketplace.”

Within the financial ecosystem, Trent works to find different opportunities to bring businesses to the market. Working with larger fintech companies allows his team to connect fintechs and their products to the broader system of banking. He expands, “In the end, we’ve got to connect a very complicated set of rails, some of which are pretty archaic, to cutting-edge acquisition models and cutting-edge devices.”

In the future, Trent is excited to see what the next payment device will look like. Whether it’s a new phone application or a new form of a physical card, the fintech world is rapidly changing and Trent is waiting to see where it heads next.

To learn more about the ever-evolving BaaS and embedded finance world, listen to this podcast episode with Hunter and Trent.

Listen To The Full Episode Below:

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