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The Secret Fintech Accelerator in South Dakota

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Meet Nikkee Rhody & Falls Fintech

March 25

I enjoyed this episode with Nikkee Rhody. Nikkee has amazing energy and it’s so exciting to see what Falls Fintech a Central Payments Accelerator has been able to achieve in just the last 2 to 3 years.

The big differentiator Falls Fintech has is that they are a bank! Crazy idea, I know! But Falls Fintech has effectively embedded Central Payments bank charter into their own API driven financial technology stack. Falls fintech (Central Payments) is one of the first banks to build their own BaaS infrastructure and cut out the middle man. This can be extremely advantageous in reducing a fintech’s time to market.

Nikkee and I get into all the details, hope you enjoy it!

Nikkee & Trent Sorbe also host a podcast called Fintech News & Brews. Please go check it out!


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