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Central Payments manages the flow of money by designing unique payment solutions that responsibly navigate the extensive financial services regulatory landscape. Our comprehensive solutions build, support, and fully administer payments programs through our proprietary OpenCP Fintech API Marketplace.


Managing the Flow of Money

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Turnkey solutions     Extensive marketplace    Streamlined integration

Streamlining the way partners access the entire payments ecosystem:

  • Account & card issuance, custodial services, various payments & funds transfers + robust marketplace of features/add-ons

  • Complete program management functions (100+)


Unmatched regulatory oversight     Proven systems & controls

Built by bankers & architected with a compliance-first mindset:

  • 9+ years first-hand experience with FDIC examinations

  • 20+ recurring audits & risk assessments; beyond  industry standards

  • Extensive funding invested in infrastructure, systems, best-in-class tools for real-time account monitoring, fraud detection, alert management & other AML/BSA protocols


Expertise      Deliberate pace      Highly selective partnerships

Intentionally differentiated business model to withstand a variety of market climates, regulatory pressures & industry ebbs & flows:

  • Responsible growth vs. too big, too fast concerns

  • Selective product verticals; aligning risk appetite & desired volume with partner bank

  • Proprietary technology aggregating services for in-house controls

Paying with a Phone

Central Payments' PayCP product is a white-label, turnkey solution to offer your recipients  the choice of digitally enabled disbursement options through a simple online portal displaying your brand. Plus, PayCP's admin portal gives your business access to initiate and track all your disbursements.



  • DDA (Demand Deposit Account)

  • Interest-Bearing Savings Account

  • Set Aside Accounts

  • FBO (For Benefit Of) Accounts 


  • Debit 

  • Prepaid

  • Corporate

  • Payroll

  • Open Loop


  • Real-Time Account Validation

  • NFC/Tokenization (Google, Samsung, Apple)

  • Early Direct Deposit

  • Incentive & Rebate

  • Cash-Back Rewards

  • Mobile Check Cashing

  • Customer Service/IVR

  • Push Provisioning

  • Card Fulfillment

  • ID & Document KYC Verification

  • Real-Time Fraud Monitoring

Payments & Transfers

  • Early & Same Day ACH

  • Real-Time Payments

  • Bill Pay

  • International Remittance

  • Disbursement Product

Partner Vertical Examples

  • General Purpose

  • Payroll

  • Earned Wage Access

  • Remittance 

  • Disbursement

  • Incentive & Rebate

  • Government & Tax Benefits

  • B2B

  • Funds Transfer

  • Neobank

  • Gift cards

  • Online Sports Betting

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