Our Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace is one of the only ‘REAL Banking-as-a-Service’ platforms powered by a full scale, digital payments bank. Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace is simplifying the way that established brands and fintechs acquire single-source access to the full payments ecosystem in lieu of expending the resources or acquiring the expertise to piece together all of the individual parts. Open*CP’s features of technology, charter, and choice make it the solution for entrepreneurs who long for a complete integration from a trusted payments bank who leads in innovation. 

Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace 

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Open*CP Fintech Marketplace is an open API platform built natively in the cloud and features a vertically integrated point of entry for fintechs to bring a payments product to market autonomously, simply and with vendor redundancy for each key functional need. It has an embedded structure providing full connectivity to all major services and providers.

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We built Open*CP with full banking functionality in mind. Card issuing capability, FDIC insurance and Fed connectivity along with principal membership in all major networks delivers real opportunity to start ups and larger institutions alike. The charter allows for a simplified model with a single contract structure that results in faster implementation, aggregated volume, and a more aggressive revenue share.

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Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace is deeply integrated with all leading micro service providers in the fintech and payments industry. When our partners connect to Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace, they have an a la carte experience selecting from multiple providers in each critical function in order to set up their own unique financial service program to fulfill a wide range of payments needs.

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  • DDA (Demand Deposit Account)

  • Interest-Bearing Savings Account

  • Set Aside Accounts

  • Virtual Accounts

  • FBO (For Benefit Of) Accounts 

  • Mobile Deposit


  • Debit 

  • Prepaid

  • Corporate

  • Payroll

  • Open & Closed Loop


  • Real-Time Account Validation

  • NFC/Tokenization (Google, Samsung, Apple)

  • Early Direct Deposit

  • Incentive & Rebate

  • Cash-Back Rewards*

  • Statements

  • Processing

  • Customer Service/IVR

  • Push Provisioning*

  • Budgeting

  • Card Fulfillment

  • ID & Document KYC Verification

  • Real-Team Fraud Monitoring

Payments & Transfers

  • Early & Same Day ACH

  • Real-Time Payments

  • Bill Pay

  • International Remittance*

  • Disbursement Portal*

*Coming Soon


Customizable & flexible program management 

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Milestones & Timelines

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  • General Purpose

  • Payroll

  • Earned Wage Access

  • Remittance 

  • Disbursement

  • Incentive & Rebate

  • Government & Tax Benefits

  • B2B

  • Funds Transfer

  • Neobank

  • Gift cards

  • Online Sports Betting

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