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Episode 296: Trent Sorbe, Founder of Central Payments

NOVEMBER 22, 2021

In this episode, Mike Townsend interviews Trent Sorbe, President and Founder of Central Payments & Co-Founder of Falls Fintech. He is an architect of Central Payments’ Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace. With more than 28 years of debit, credit, and prepaid payments experience, Trent is responsible for products garnering nine Paybefore Awards, three of which garnered Best in Class or Category. He is also the inventor of 14 patents related to consumer financial services. Trent previously held senior positions at three nationwide payment card issuers and the FDIC.

In 2016, Trent was named to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Community Bank Advisory Council and chaired the agency’s Cards, Payments, and Deposit Markets Committee. He hosts the Fintech Brews & News podcast and sits on the Board of Directors for the Central Bank of Kansas City.

Central Payments provides payment technology and solutions through its Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace, one of the only true bank-as-a-service payments platforms and the technology responsible for Central Payments’ rise to the fastest growing prepaid card issuer since 2015.* Along with its fintech accelerator program, Falls Fintech, Central Payments produces a podcast called Fintech Brews & News where you can find unique perspectives on how to bridge the gap between banking, startups and the entire fintech industry.

In 2019, Central Payments created Falls Fintech, a custom, 12-week program designed to accelerate market readiness for early-stage financial technology startups. Falls Fintech is the only fintech accelerator in the U.S. brought to you by a market-leading, full-scale, digital payments bank that concludes with a bank partnership and access to the payments ecosystem through Central Payments and its Open*CP Fintech API Marketplace.


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